Rotting in the Aftermath West Coast Tour 2023

July 4, 2023

Edmonton death merchants are finally returning to the west coast USA for the first time since 2016. Following the release of "Rotting in the Aftermath" on Dark Descent Records last year, the band played several shows across western Canada, and are now bringing their brand of death metal filth to the west coast in support of the new record.

July 21 - Seattle, WA @ Substation w/ Profanatica, Panzerfaust
July 22 - Portland, OR @ Bossanova Ballroom w/ Profanatica, Panzerfaust, Disimperium
July 23 - Arcata, CA @ TBA
July 24 - Sacramento, CA @ Cafe Colonial w/ Profanatica, Panzerfaust
July 25 - San Fransisco, CA @ DNA Lounge w/ Profanatica, Panzefaust
July 26 - TBA, CA @ TBA
July 27 - Bakersfield, CA @ Narducci's Cafe w/ Poxx, Sepsis
July 28 - Ponoma, CA @ Characters w/ Insineratehymn, Philosopher, Sacred Origin
July 29 - Hollywood, CA @ Knucklehead
July 30 - Oakland, CA @ Thee Stork Club w/ Ripped to Shreds, Larvae

Primeval Enslavement Tour 2019

July 1, 2019

Begrime Exemious returns to the US once again this September to support our new "Primeval Wasteland" compilation. Our visas are already approved, we look forward to getting filthy in the midwest and east coast!

Sept 5 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Royal Albert w/ CO, Undead Miscreant
Sept 6 - Minneapolis, MN @ Eagle 34 w/ Pig's Blood, Coagulate, Brain Bleed
Sept 7 - Milwaukee, WI @ Walker's Point Music Hall w/ Pig's Blood, Subjugation
Sept 8 - Detroit, MI @ Kelly's Bar w/ Triangulations, Pythian
Sept 9 - Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee's w/ Undeath, Plague Splitter, Ixaxaar Nexia
Sept 10 - Ottawa, ON @ Cafe Dekcuf w/ Hunter Gatherer, Purveyors of Sonic Doom
Sept 11 - Providence, RI @ Dusk w/ Scaphism, Eternal Khan
Sept 12 - Worcester, MA @ Ralph's Rock Diner w/ Burial, Mucophagus
Sept 13 - Clifton, NJ @ The Harp & Bard w/ Chained to the Dead, Sunrot, Comb the Desert, Unhinge
Sept 14 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Buffalo w/ Blood Spore, Tartarus Horde, Funeral Bastard
Sept 15 - Washington, DC @ Atlas Brew Works w/ Night Hag, Cranium Drain
Sept 17 - Dayton, OH @ Treehouse of Horror w/ Sulfuric Cautery, Well of Night, Lectularius
Sept 18 - Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon Street w/ First Bite, Sanguisugabogg
Sept 19 - Chicago, IL @ Liar's Club w/ Noose, Beastlurker
Sept 20 - Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin w/ Ares Kingdom, Acid Leather, Terrorvision
Sept 21 - Omaha, NE @ Lookout Lounge w/ Ares Kingdom, Diabolic Possession, Satanic Abortion

All of our other dates are posted below.

Recording Complete, 2019 Shows

April 25, 2019

We've been keeping ourselves busy over the the last few months. The recording of our 4th LP was completed in February. It's 9 songs and 37 minutes. We'll reveal more details as they're ready. In the meantime, we're playing a bunch of shows in Alberta and Saskatchewan (and already played Edmonton earlier this month). Our best pals in FEEDING will be joining us for a lot of these gigs. The first four listed below are also all ages, with the Calgary one being an exclusive showcase for Alberta music. That particular show is going to take place on a rooftop, meaning we've likely peaked as a band.

May 24 - Saskatoon, SK @ Indoor Skatepark w/ Feeding, SPE
May 25 - Regina, SK @ The Exchange Clubside w/ Feeding, Krash
June 28 - Calgary, AB @ King Edward Hotel Rooftop w/ WAKE
June 29 - Edmonton, AB @ Chez Pierre w/ Hard Charger, Feeding
July 19 - Calgary, AB @ Dickens w/ Necrot, Detherous, Cultist
August 10 - Edmonton, AB @ The Aviary (Don't Wanna Hear It Fest) w/ AHNA, Chapel, Languid, Bootlicker, Inhuman Act, Feeding
October 12 - Medicine Hat, AB @ Heartwood Cafe w/ Nephilim's Noose, Kings Rot, Drear
October 16 - Calgary, AB @ Dickens w/ Immolation, Blood Incantation, Kataplexis
October 17 - Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room w/ Immolation, Blood Incantation, Idolatry

We have a tour of the east coast/midwest US in the works that should be announced in coming months for the end of the summer. Email for help with booking and further info.

Primeval Wasteland Compilation CD + T-Shirt Preorder

January 14th, 2019

Long running Canadian death metal band BEGRIME EXEMIOUS will be releasing a compilation CD to kick off 2019. Slated for release in mid-February, "Primeval Wasteland" compiles three EPs that were recorded in two sessions between October 2012 and February 2013. With 14 tracks clocking in at 60 minutes, this compilation highlights a period of time in which they operated as a quintet between their second and third albums.

The first half of this compilation is comprised of the "Primeval Satellite" mLP, originally released by DARK DESCENT RECORDS in 2014. During the recording of these songs, the band opted to re-record some additional tracks, which ended up being released as an exclusive tour tape for their west cost US/Canada tour in 2013. Both of these releases have been long sold out since. Also featured is the "Wasteland of Damnation" EP, which was originally released as a 7" in 2013 on now the now defunct label FUEL INJECTED RECORDS. These songs were written and recorded almost immediately after the "Primeval Satellite" sessions.

Order the CD and/or t-shirt here on our Bandcamp.

BEGRIME EXEMIOUS 2012-2013: F. Thibaudeau (Guitar), B. Leland (Vocals), L. Norland (Drums), T. McClelland (Bass), D. Orthner (Guitar)

BEGRIME EXEMIOUS turned into their current quartet incarnation before "Primeval Satellite" was even released, but the band's lineup has remained stable since. This compilation is entirely self released, and has been remastered by Cody Baresich at CIRCLE A STUDIOS in Victoria, BC. From the other side of Canada, Adam Kindred of Halifax, NS is responsible for the cover art. The booklet features all of these releases' original artwork by Dennis Thomsen, with the layout done by the band's frontman Derek Orthner.

Pre-orders for "Primeval Wasteland" will be up in mid January. An exclusive t-shirt will also be available alongside it (design seen below), and fans looking to purchase both will be able to do so at a discounted price.

Track listing for "Primeval Wasteland" is as follows:
1. Entrails & Barbed Wire
2. BXH-42 Transition
3. Silent Observer Older Than Earth
4. Wolf Hound Bitch
5. Bloodworms
6. Nuclear War (NUCLEAR ASSAULT cover)
7. Grand Deceiver
8. Filthy Sodomite of Christ
9. Carnage (MAYHEM cover)
10. Path of the Goat
11. Morbid Invocation
12. Armageddon's Whore
13. Beyond the Threshold of Oblivion
14. Stellar Stilbirth

BEGRIME EXEMIOUS was formed in 2005 in Edmonton, AB, Canada. They have released three full lengths and several EPs/splits, which have been supported by extensive touring of both Canada and the USA. The band is currently recording their fourth album and will continue to work with DARK DESCENT RECORDS for its eventual release.

Albertan Fall 2018 Dates

September 27, 2018

Our dates in western Canada were a total success, thanks again to all the great bands, promoters, and fans. Apologies to those in Portage la Prairie as the gig was cancelled due a burst pipe flooding the venue, which was communicated to us while we were on the highway. Regardless, it was our pleasure returning to so many of these cities and we will be back again! We've got a new merch design for sale (via our Bandcamp store) which is available as a zip hoodie and t-shirt. Other items such as the Enslavement Conquest LP and the Void Demons shirts are sold out, but we are restocking the long sleeves of the latter. Finally, we have four more shows to close out 2018, including a run of shows with Culled. Culled are brand new extreme band from Edmonton featuring former Begrime guitarist Ben Harbak, and they will be releasing their debut mLP for these shows. Following these apperances, we will turn our focus to new material and return to the stage later next year.

October 12 - Edmonton, AB @ Sewing Machine Factory w/ Limbs Bin, WAKE, Feeding, Faith Crisis
November 16 - Edmonton, AB @ Temple at Starlite w/ Culled, Paroxysm, Hatchet Face, Cruciferous
November 23 - Red Deer, AB @ The Krossing w/ Culled, 21st Agenda, Follow the Sorrow
November 24 - Calgary, AB @ Palomino Smokehouse w/ Culled, Bazaraba, Iron Tusk

Summer 2018 Dates

August 9, 2018

It's been a while since we've updated our website, and we've played a few shows and have plenty more coming up for this year.

August 24 - Edmonton, AB @ The Rendezvous Pub w/ Protosequence, Apollyon, Plaguebringer
September 13 - Saskatoon, SK @ The Black Cat Tavern w/ Goathammer, Wasted Heretics, S.P.E.
September 14 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Handsome Daughter w/ Flashout, CO
September 15 - Portage la Prairie, MB @ Army Navy Airforce Base Unit 13 w/ Dukkha, Witchtrip
September 20 - Kamloops, BC @ Kamloops Inn w/ King Humungus, Axial
September 21 - Vancouver, BC @ The Astoria w/ Vomiit, Svneatr
September 22 - Victoria, BC @ Logan's Pub w/ Paroxysm, Euthanized, Shambling Corpse
September 23 - Kelowna, BC @ Muninn's Post w/ Apollyon, Amiensus, Ashbringer

We will have new shirts for sale at these gigs, alongside copies of our latest record. See you filthy western Canucks soon.

Return from Tour, Additional 2017 Dates

August 8, 2017

After our successful campaign of the Midwestern states, we have returned home. Many thanks to Signature Riff, all the promoters, bands, and fans that made everything come together. We have a few more scheduled dates for the year, watch this space for them.

September 2 - Victoria, BC @ Logan's Pub w/ Baptists, Regress, Erosion
September 3 - Kelowna, BC @ Muninn's Post w/ AngelMaker, Apollyon
September 22 - Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Lower Hall w/ WAKE, Paroxysm
November 18 - Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Lower Hall w/ Aggression, Mortillery, Tessitura
November 24 - Calgary, AB @ Palomino Smokehouse w/ WAKE, Adolyne, Full Choke

Midwest US Tour 2017

June 20, 2017

Presented by Signature Riff, Begrime Exemious returns to America this summer. We will returning to a few cities from our 2014 tour in addition to seeing some new places in the Midwest.

July 21 - Edmonton, AB @ The Sewing Machine Factory w/ Hoopsnake, Tekarra, Falsehood
July 27 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Windsor Hotel
July 28 - Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar
July 29 - Milwaukee, WI @ Frank's Power Plant w/ Razor Fist, Emblazoned, LGEP
July 30 - Indianapolis, IN @ Black Circle Brewing Co.
July 31 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Black Forge Coffee House w/ Riparian, Talion
August 1 - Columbus, OH @ The Summit w/ Cadavarice
August 3 - Chicago, IL @ Live Wire w/ Pigs Blood
August 4 - St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
August 5 - Omaha, NE @ Lookout Lounge

Contact for booking inquiries, for help with accommodations/press/etc, and visit the event page here.

Dates with Ares Kingdom

January 14, 2017

We will be playing three exclusive dates with our old friends in ARES KINGDOM this June across western Canada.

June 1st - Edmonton, AB @ The Mercury Room w/ Pathetic, Phylactery
June 2nd - Calgary, AB @ The Distortion, w/ Pathetic, + TBA
June 3rd - Vancouver, BC @ Pats Pub, w/ Assimilation, Pathetic

For more details, check this event page here.

Hibernation, New Shirts

October 15, 2016

The final Begrime Exemious show of 2016 has passed, and we will be settling into our usual winter hibernation where new songs will gestate and develop onto recorded media. As always, we send our respects to all those who saw us live this year on the American west coast and throughout the Canadian prairies.

Prior to our show with Gorguts, we printed up a new shirt design available in two colour schemes on both long sleeves and t-shirts. The long sleeves have since sold out (in under two weeks), with some t-shirt sizes dwindling in number as well. These items will be restocked, and you can preorder them now by emailing Special sizes (larger than 2XL) are available but must be placed before we submit the order to reprint these, so contact us immediately. The reorder will be placed later in October, preorders will ship immediately upon arrival, and available stock will be updated on our bandcamp merch page. T-shirts that are in stock, along with other various merch, can be purchased from that page right now.

See you in 2017, and stay filthy.

Tour: Mission Accomplished

September 13, 2016

Our west coast tour, "Eviscerating Pestilential Shrines of the West MMXVI," has been complete and was a total success. Many thanks to FAMINE FEST NW and all the promoters in the American/Canadian west coast who made these dates possible. For those who weren't able to purchase merchandise on the road, click the merch link above or contact us.

We have one last show this year, with the Canadian death metal legends GORGUTS at the Starlite Room on October 12th here in Edmonton.

Work on our next release(s) has already been started and we will likely be recording again in the earlier half of next year. Planning for yet another American tour is commencing, email for bookings.

Eviscerating Pestilential Shrines of the West MMXVI

July 13, 2016

BEGRIME EXEMIOUS will be returning to the west coast USA this September thanks to the fine folks at FAMINE FEST NW.

September 1 - Kamloops, BC @ The Kamloops Inn w/ Watchdog, Esker
September 2 - Vancouver BC @ Astoria w/ Deathwinds, Nostrum, Fracture
September 3 - Seattle, WA @ The Highline w/ Drawn & Quartered, Oxygen Destroyer, Ashen Pyre
September 4 - Portland, OR @ The Panic Room w/ Shrine of the Serpent, Extirpatients, Petrifacation
September 5 - Salem, OR @ The Space w/ Phobonoid, Mania
September 6 - Sacramento, CA @ The Starlight Lounge w/ Crawl
September 7 - Santa Cruz, CA @ The Blue Lagoon w/ Gloam, Moirai
September 8 - San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick w/ Seraphic Disgust, Xantam
September 9 - Los Angeles, CA @ The 5 Star Bar w/ Funeral Smoke, Leprous, Pestilent Death
September 10 - Oakland, CA @ The Golden Bull w/ Ulthar, Cartilage
September 11 - Eugene, OR @ Old Nick's w/ Mortuary Drape, Predatory Light, Uada

Click the above dates to see the Facebook event pages, or check out the tour event page for further details.

Our new album, "The Enslavemnt Conquest," is now available on Dark Descent Records on both CD and vinyl. We will have copies with us on the tour, in addition to a new t-shirt.

The Enslavement Conquest

January 25, 2016

Our third album, entitled "The Enslavemnt Conquest," will be released on March 4th via Dark Descent Records on CD/digital format with vinyl following shortly after. Decibel Magazine has premiered the song "Noose for a Monarch" for streaming on their website.

To support the new record, Begrime Exemious will be playing various shows throughout west Canada and will embark on a tour of the west coast US later this year.

Track List:
1. Cradled in Our Hands
2. Overpowered (Under Siege)
3. Transcendence
4. Rat Amongst the Herd
5. Conscription Woes
6. Subconscious Nemesis
7. Noose for a Monarch
8. Impending Diabolical Conquest (Incantation cover)
9. Crusade Towards Self Devolution
10. When the Vultures Leave

D. Orthner – Vocals, Guitar
F. Thibaudeau – Guitar, Vocals
A. Rintoul – Bass
L. Norland – Drums

“The Enslavement Conquest” was recorded in the first half of 2015 by Lee Norland, mixed by Derek Orthner, mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio (UK), with artwork by Mark Riddick.

10 Years of Death

December 1, 2015

BEGRIME EXEMIOUS has officially turned 10 years old. To mark the occasion, we will be playing a free show on January 8th.

Check the event page for further details.

Forming in late 2005, BEGRIME EXEMIOUS has released 2 full length albums, a mini-LP, and several EPs and splits. The band has toured multiple times across Canada and the United States, unleashing their relentless style of thrashing death metal upon city after city. 2016 will see the release of the band's third full length album, "The Enslavement Conquest" in both CD and LP formats on Dark Descent Records.

Tour Success, Plans for 2016

October 24, 2015

Our cross Canada tour was a complete success, and easily our best tour to date. Cheers to all the maniacs who made it possible, we look forward to the next time we play these cities. We have some merch, including tour t-shirts, left over that we're selling for a discounted price. Check the merch page or email if you'd like to place an order.

The third Begrime LP will be available in early 2016 via Dark Descent Records. Details will come forth closer to the release date.

There are a couple shows already in the works for 2016, which will see us playing earlier in the year than usual. A gig in January will take place to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. More details on this to come.

Cross Canada Tour & Other Shows

April 21, 2015

First show of the year in Edmonton and Winnipeg (for Manitoba Metal Fest) were a raging success. As of now, we are putting the finishing touches on our new album. We'd like to announce the rest of our upcoming dates this year, including our first cross Canada campagin.

June 5 - Calgary, AB (Calgary Metal Fest) @ Dickens Pub
June 26 - Edmonton, AB @ DV8 Underground w/ IRN, Hardcharger, Languid

July 31 - Kamloops, BC @ The Dirty Jersey w/ Hand of the Horsewitch, King Humungus
Aug 1 - Vancouver, BC @ The Black Lab w/ Altered Dead, Dead Again
Aug 2 - Squamish, BC @ Fourth Ave House w/ AHNA, Hoopsnake
Aug 14 - Calgary, AB @ Distortion w/ Drawn And Quartered, Reverend Kill
Aug 15 - Edmonton, AB @ DV8 Underground w/ Drawn And Quartered, Reverend Kill
Aug 28 - Regina, SK @ The Club w/ Korperlose Stimme, Scythra
Aug 29 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Windsor w/ Zombie Assault, Solanum, Cell
Aug 31 - Toronto, ON @ Coalition T.O. w/ Thantifaxath, Old Witch
Sept 1 - Montreal, QC @ Katacombes w/ Spectral Wound, Oath
Sept 2 - Quebec City, QC @ Le Sous-Sol Du Cercle w/ Khan, Rope, Scare
Sept 3 - Moncton, NB @ Plan B w/ Fear Agent, Thirty Aught Six
Sept 4 - Halifax, NS @ Gus' Pub w/ Versifist, Ignightor, Thaumiel
Sept 5 - Saint John, NB @ The Panic Room w/ Patient Zero
Sept 6 - Trois-Rivieres, QC @ TBA
Sept 7 - Sherbrooke, QC @ Le Murdoch w/ Decline of Faith
Sept 8 - Ottawa, ON @ TBA
Sept 9 - Peterborough, ON @ The Spill w/ Ischemic, G.O.D.
Sept 11 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Windsor
Sept 12 - Saskatoon, SK @ Vangelis

Links will be added and information updated as available. Email if you can help us out in any way.

The Battle Rages On

April 4, 2015

The official Begrime Exemious website is back, now located at We have kept ourselves busy over the past six months.

Since the release of the Primeval Satellite mLP on Dark Descent Records, we've also released a new split 7" with Flash Out who are from Winnipeg, MB, on Filth Regime Records.

As we tend to do every winter season, we've spent our time writing and recording new material. The as of yet untilted album will be on Dark Descent Records, and features artwork by the legendary Mark Riddick. The recording process is currently underway, more information to follow.

Finally, we will be embarking on a cross Canada tour in the latter half of summer. Dates will be announced soon. We have made arrangements in most cities with promoters, but feel free to email for further inqueries.