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Dark Descent Records - Our main label, based out of Colorado Springs, CO. We've been releasing material through DDR since 2010.
Filth Regime Records - Released out split 7" with Flash Out, based out of Winnipeg, MB.
Fuel Injected Records - Released our "Wasteland of Damnation" 7", based out of Calgary, AB.

Related Bands

Cygnus - Stoner doom/sludge featuring D. Orthner on guitars/vox. For fans of Sleep, Goatsnake, Pentagram, Black Sabbath, etc
Daydreaming - Post-punk/shoegaze featuring D. Orthner on drums. For fans of Sonic Youth and My Bloody valentine.
Dysplasia - Grindcore/d-beat featuring D. Orthner on drums. For fans of Nasum, Napalm Death, Doom, and His Hero Is Gone
Falsehood - Crust/sludge/black metal featuring F. Thibaudeau on guitar/vox. For fans of His Hero Is Gone, Neurosis, and Fall of Efrafa.
Vitriolage - Sludge/crust featuring D. Orthner on guitar/vox. For fans of Eyehategod, Grief, Noothgrush, and Doom.

Bands We Like

Adversarial - Black/death labelmates from Toronto, ON.
AHNA - Death/crust from Vancouver, BC.
Anhedonist - Death/doom labelmates from Seattle, WA. RIP
Antediluvian - Black/death from Edmonton, AB featuring T. McClelland on bass.
Archagathus - Grindcore from Winnipeg, MB.
Auroch - Black/death labelmates from Vancouver, BC.
Autaric - Black/death from Saskatoon, SK.
Besieged - Thrash from Winnipeg, MB.
Bridgeburner - Grindcore from Kamloops, BC.
Chapel - Black metal from Vancouver, BC.
Chronobot - Stoner doom metal from Saskatchewan.
Damned Grave - Speed metal/crust from Kamloops, BC
Demontage - Black/heavy metal from Toronto, ON.
Detroit - Grindcore from Edmonton, AB.
Dire Omen - Black/death labelmates from Edmonton, AB.
Druidus - Black/death/crust from Saskatchewan.
Famine - Crust from Kamloops, BC.
Flash Out - Grindcore/crust from Winnipeg, MB.
Goathammer - Black/death from Saskatchewan.
Gyibaaw - Black metal from Prince George, BC. RIP.
Haggatha - Doom/sludge from Vancouver, BC.
Hand of the Horsewitch - Black/doom from Kamloops, BC
Honour & Devour - Death/grind from Kamloops, BC
Hoopsnake - Stoner doom from Squamish, BC.
Horrible Pain - Grindcore from Winnipeg, MB.
House of Atreus - Death metal labelmates from Minneapolis, MN.
Iskra - Black metal/crust from Victoria, BC.
Lavagoat - Doom metal from Saskatoon, SK.
Mahria - Hardcore/screamo from Edmonton, AB.
Massgrave - Crust/grindcore from Vancouver, BC.
Messiahlator - Death/crust from Edmonton, AB
Mitochondrion - Black/death labelmates from Vancouver, BC.
Napalm Raid - Crust from Halifax, NS.
Nuclearhammer - Black metal from Toronto, ON.
Ominosity - Death/doom from Calgary, AB.
Paroxsihzem - Black/death labelmates from Toronto, ON.
Putrescence - Death/grind from Winnipeg, MB.
Rehashed - Thash/d-beat from Saskatoon, SK
Rhythm of Cruelty - Post-Punk from Edmonton, AB.
Ritual Necromancy - Black/death labelmates from Portland, OR.
Rude - Death metal from Oakland, CA.
Sabbatory - Death metal from Winnipeg, MB.
Savage Streets - Death/thrash from Calgary, AB. RIP.
Scolex - Death metal from Oakland, CA
Skunk - Crust from Winnipeg, MB.
Tarantuja - Thrash/crust from Edmonton, AB
Violent Gorge - Grindcore from Winnipeg, MB
Wake - Grindcore from Calgary, AB.
Weregoat - Black/death labelmates from Portland, OR.
Wilt - Black/doom from Winnipeg, MB.