Impending Funeral of Man

Full Length Album (2010)

CD released by Dark Descent Records on April 15th, 2010.

Track List:
1. Morbid Invocation
2. Psalmody of Sacrificial Blaze
3. Sanctum Sanctorum
4. Archfiend
5. Filthy Sodomite of Christ
6. Ancient Crypts Asunder
7. Incipit
8. Grand Deceiver
9. I, Iconoclast

B. Harbak - Guitars, Backing Vocals
D. Orthner - Guitars, Backing Vocals
A. Rintoul - Bass
L. Norland - Drums
B. Symic - Vocals

Sabazios Diabolus - Keys on track 7

Recorded and mixed at Death Cult Studio in December 2009 by Sabazious Diaoblus.

Mastered by Drew Copland.
Cover art by Aaron Stainthorpe. Additional artwork by Dennis Thomsen, Danille Gauvin and Roxana Xenia. Layout by Alasdair Rintoul.