Tour Tape MMXIII

Extended Play (2013)

MC self released on June 24th, 2013.

Track List:
1. Grand Deceiver
2. Filthy Sodomite of Christ
3. Carnage (Mayhem)
4. Path of the Goat
5. Morbid Invocation

B. Leland - Vocals
D. Orthner - Guitar, Backing Vocals
F. Thibaudeau - Guitar
T. McClelland - Bass
L. Norland - Drums, Lead Guitar (Track 3)

B Symic - Additional Vocals

Recorded in October 2012 by Lee Norland.
Mixed by Derek Orthner.
Mastered by Tristand McClelland.
Artwork by Dennis Thomsen. Layout by Derek Orthner.

These tracks were recorded in the same session as the "Primeval Satellite" mLP. Tracks 1, 2 and 5 originally appeared on "Impending Funeral of Man." Track 4 originally appeared on our first demo.